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I creating applet in gnome panel. All code is good. But info in panel is static. But need refresh this info in time. 1 secon or 5 second...

Here is part of python code:

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import sys
import gobject
import gtk
import pygtk
import gnomeapplet
import time
import urllib2

def applet_factory(applet, iid):   
   label = gtk.Label("Simple text")

print('Factory started')

if __name__ == '__main__':   # testing for execution
   print('Starting factory')
                              'Sample Applet', '0.1', 

I need refresh "simple text" label in time interval. How did that?

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Anyone have idea? –  track Jun 27 '10 at 11:38

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Most GUI libraries (wxPython, GTK, Qt, ...) let you define timers, so that your function that sets the label text is called every 5 seconds. See accepted answer in this SO question: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1052574/run-a-function-every-x-minutes-python

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Not working for my script, can you write full code wit refresh code part? –  track Jun 27 '10 at 2:36
Works for me but I get a deprecated warning for gtk.timeout_add –  tobiw Jun 27 '10 at 2:57
Yes, and i get this error –  track Jun 27 '10 at 3:04

What about...:

def applet_factory(applet, iid):   
   label = gtk.Label("Simple text")
   return label

thelabel = applet_factory(applet, iid)

def redrawlabel(*args):
    # process all events
    while gtk.events_pending():
    return True

# call redrawlabel every 5 minutes
gtk.timeout_add(5*60*1000, redrawlabel)

If you also need to set the text to something different, thelabel.set_text('something else') will do that.

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File "applet/src/applet.py", line 43 return label SyntaxError: 'return' outside function –  track Jun 27 '10 at 3:01
The two return statements I show in the above code are inside functions, so I don't know what error you made in transcribing my code (since of course I don't know which line is 43 nor what the other 42+ ones around it are -- how could I possibly know since you decide to hide that?). –  Alex Martelli Jun 27 '10 at 3:14
I editen Question in full script –  track Jun 27 '10 at 3:30
Have any ideas? –  track Jun 27 '10 at 3:48
@track, there aren't 43 lines in the code you posted, so the error msg you posted (without showing the line it refers to) remains an utter mystery -- and it should have been obvious to you that it would (think, man!). Anyway, since applet_factory is called internally by bonobo_factory, just remove its return and indent the rest of the code I gave to make it part of applet_factory -- thogh that can't solve your problem in the mysterious line 43, which must be well after this. Now, if you don't show us traceback and lines 43 &c, that's all we can possibly do to try and help you. –  Alex Martelli Jun 27 '10 at 4:44

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