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I'm coming from Eclipse, working in Visual Studio 2008 Express and just want to highlight code, right-click and comment it out.

  • nothing in right-click
  • looking in Tools | Options, Toolbars, Commands, can't find a button for it...

How do I activate this the comment/uncomment feature, I know Visual Studio 2003 had it.


Visual Studio 2008 Full Version:

Comment    ctrl-k, ctrl-c
uncomment  ctrl-k, ctrl-u

Visual Web Developer 2008 Express:

Comment    ctrl-k, ctrl-c
uncomment  ctrl-k, ctrl-u

Visual C# 2008 Express:

Comment    ctrl-e, ctrl-c
uncomment  ctrl-e, ctrl-u
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Weird it's Ctrl+E, C (Comment) and Ctrl+E, U (Uncomment)

Normally It's Ctrl+K, C and Ctrl+K, U as Mauro says. Express Edition default (and only) keyboard mapping says otherwise.

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the key combination

Comment    ctrl-k, ctrl-c
uncomment  ctrl-k, ctrl-u

Thats VS 2008, not sure if the express editions have the same thing.

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Mauro is right about the shortcuts, they're in Express as well. You can also get to the Comment/Uncomment block commands in the Edit->Advanced menu. You probably also have a toolbar icon to do this that looks like a couple of lines, with a few indented blue ones.

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Visual Assist X also has better shortcuts for this:

/ - comment the block with //
* - comment the block with /* */

I'm not sure if it Visual Assist works with The express edition though

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no plugins work in express edition – Axarydax Apr 14 '10 at 11:58

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