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I am writing a T4 template for repositories.

Say we have Customers/Orders/Products tables. We then have CustomerRepo, OrdersRepo, and ProductsRepo.

Is it a good practice to have a generic repo for all of them?

public partial class Repository


private IContext context;
public Repository()
    _Product = new ProductRepo();
    _Customer = new CustomerRepo();

public Repository(IContext context)
    this.context = context;
    _Product = new ProductRepo(context);
    _Customer = new CustomerRepo(context);

private ProductRepo _Product;
public ProductRepo Product {
    get { return _Product; }
// Product

private CustomerRepo _Customer;
public CustomerRepo Customer {
    get { return _Customer; }
// Customer


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FYI: They all are repositories for each class in the DB. but I wanna make a generic one to encapsulate them, so they all have one point of entry, and allow easier access to them. – Rick Ratayczak Jun 28 '10 at 7:57
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I find that it is best to make a repository for each type rather than one single repository. Otherwise the repository tends to get large as all sorts of functionality is added.

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I do have a repository for each type, but this "generic" repository would be an entry point for all of them. – Rick Ratayczak Jun 28 '10 at 7:55

You can even look at implementing your repository like this post. You can even extend the concept and implement generic and have IRepository<T> where T:IEntity and then have a base implementation called BaseRepository<T>. Based on your additions to the question you might want to use Factory Pattern or Facade Pattern or Dependency Injection (using Unity/StructureMap container). It depends on how complex it is and how flexible your solution needs to be.

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I've recently reviewed a few implementations of Repository pattern with Entity frameworks and found ( described  at the most advanced. 

If you will use GenericRepository base class, I don't see any benefits to generate derived classes using t4 template.

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