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I need some help optimizing queries on 2 tables. One will contain about a million and the other will contain about 10 million of rows.

here is the table structure --

Table Structure

Sample Browse and Search Queries

These queries takes a very long time, about 15-20 secs, in some cases over a minute

So, please have a look and suggest me how can i make them much faster for practical use

Thanks, Anjan

P.S. here are the query plans for those 2 sample search and browse queries ...

Explain: search query

Explain: Browse query

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no offense intended; people will be more willing to help if you 1) post the table structure and query directly in your question, and 2) begin accepting more answers (click checkmark). Best of luck to you. –  bernie Jun 27 '10 at 5:13
Hi Adam! I would love to, but i was having problem with insert code block which wasn't keeping the formatting as it is, thus all these hassle :) And besides if the answer doesn't solve the problem or the major part of it, it doesn't make any sense accepting it. Thanks, Anjan –  anjan Jun 27 '10 at 7:30

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You might want to put indexes on the fields you're filtering on, like category_id, site_enabled, and video_collection date.

In general, with tables of that size, the goal is to cut down as much as possible on the number of rows that need to be joined.

For your browse query, I can only imagine it being that slow if it's trying to join all of the rows and then filter the results down to 20. You might try re-writing it to use a nested select on the top 20 vids with the most likes. Something like:

v.video_collection_date as date,

v.video_collection_date as date,
from icumm_videos 
where category_id='1'
and 1277612659 - v.video_collection_date < 86400 * 7
order by video_likes_count desc limit 0,20) v
inner join icumm_sites s on v.site_id = s.site_id and site_enabled>0
left outer join icumm_featured_videos fv on v.video_id = fv.video_id

I couldn't see where your query was using anything from the featured videos table, so that join may be superfluous.

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Hi Rob! This has improved the browse query, but i m still stuck with the search query which looks for text in 2 columns in 2 large tables. Any help with it? Thanks, Anjan –  anjan Jun 27 '10 at 7:32
I would try the same approach for the search query as well - just put the match conditions into the nested SELECT –  Rob Cooney Jun 27 '10 at 9:47
Hi Rob! Your suggestion did help for the queries. But i found out that once the rows get more than a million in number in count, mysql full text search can take much longer time. So, i have gone for sphinx for that search. Thanks,Anjan –  anjan Jun 28 '10 at 7:00

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