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How can I access static php variable with custom class name. In class c1 method hi() I need to access static variable of its child class. PHP < 5.3

class c1{
  function hi(){
    echo $cn::$b; //need echo 5 here, but error
class c2 extends c1{
  static public $b=5;

$c2=new c2();
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You can use ReflectionClass:

$cl=new ReflectionClass($cn);
echo $cl->getStaticPropertyValue('b');

Or get_class_vars():

echo $props['b'];
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what about performance? Do I really need to create object just to get value of one property? –  codez Jun 27 '10 at 6:33
edited with second choice ;) –  Lukman Jun 27 '10 at 6:47

One way that popped into my mind is eval( "return $cn::\$b;" ) but use with care. Eval can create some nasty security holes if the input isn't sanitized correctly.

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