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I am having a problem with widget Gtk.Table - I would like to know, if there is a way how to get a current size of the table (number of rows and columns).

Thank you, very much for help, Tomas

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You should just be able to access the properties n-columns and n-rows.

You can do this using:

cols = mytable.get_property('n-columns')
rows = mytable.get_property('n-rows')
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You have to read GTK properties:

t = gtk.Table(myNumberOfRows, myNumberofCols)
t.get_property("n-rows") # number of rows in the table
t.get_property("n-columns") # number of cols in the table
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Thank you, guys –  Tomas Novotny Jun 27 '10 at 8:56

In most recent versions of PyGTK you can get/set those values via table.props.n_columns and table.props.n_rows, which is synonymous with the get_property() (mentioned in the other answers) and set_property() methods.

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