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$('.Img').click(function() {

$().ready(function() {
    $.ajax( {
        type     : 'POST',
        url      : 'Post.php',
        success  : function(Response) {

My HTML code:

<div id="Response"></div>
<img class="Img" src="blank.gif" /> [Click Trigger]

My PHP code:

echo '<img class="Img" src="blank.gif" />'; [Ajax from response]

why this image does not trigger from AJAX response?

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You need to use .live() here, like this:

$('.Img').live('click', function(){

It doesn't work currently because $('.Img') doesn't find the <img> to attach a click handler to...it didn't exist then, not until the ajax call loaded it, .live() will listen for the click appropriately, even if the element is added later.

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Thanx ;) This code working ;) –  s3yfullah Jun 27 '10 at 12:54

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