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Can Anybody explain me what is EGL and what it does?

How can i use EGL with OpenGL-ES On Linux?

Is EGL a Layer Between Hardware And Operating System?

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EGL is a window system-independent equivalent to the GLX and WGL APIs, which respectively enable OpenGL support in X and Microsoft Windows. It is an interface between Khronos rendering APIs such as OpenGL ES or OpenVG and the underlying native platform window system. It handles graphics context management, surface/buffer binding, and rendering synchronization and enables high-performance, accelerated, mixed-mode 2D and 3D rendering using other Khronos APIs.

EGL Architecture

There is an implementation for Mesa called EGL and covered in the Mesa EGL Wiki. Realistically you can't use XEGL / EGL,

If you're running on Linux and don't need X then look at Wayland which is a replacement server built on top of MESA.

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well there's also Wayland... that IIRC you CAN use EGL under (and it uses it itself) Mesa DOES have EGL in it, I'm not sure what you can use it for, and I don't think many distros ship mesa with it turned on (IIRC Wayland uses it now, didn't used to) see mesa3d.org/egl.html, though that might be out of date, also from there it looks like EGL works if your card has a gallium driver – Spudd86 Jun 27 '10 at 17:48
XEGL has nothing to do with weather or not you can use EGL in your app XEGL is putting the Xorg server on top of EGL, not supporting using EGL under X. – Spudd86 Jun 27 '10 at 17:54
@spudd86 thanks for the mesa link - I'll add it. I'll clarify my description of XEGL. – Richard Harrison Jun 28 '10 at 6:22

I think you're best reading up definitive references such as this. I don't see value in paraphrasing that.

There seem to be some Linux implementations referenced in that article. You can't expect folks to give you detailed tutorials here. Instead attempt to use these references and ask specific questions when you get stuck.

Maybe you could view EGL as a kind of dedicated Graphics "OS", personally I see it yet another API, which abstracts graphics.

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EGL is basically a "portable" API that has the same goals as GLX and WGL, provide the stuff needed to create an OpenGL (well really OpenGLES) context (and some related stuff like native pixmaps and things). – Spudd86 Jun 27 '10 at 17:53

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