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Which is the global variable which holds all the environmental variables for getenv() ? In what glibc file is this var filled with env vars ?

I believe it to be **environ but when I set an env var in bash it only ouputs the SSH_AGENT_PID env var. Why is SSH_AGENT_PID set and why is it the only one that is set ?


int main(void)
extern char **environ;
printf("%s\n", *environ); // outputs: SSH_AGENT_PID=2822

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char **environ is NULL-terminated array of strings, so you should try:

extern char **environ;
char **p;
for (p = environ; *p; p++) {
    printf ("%s\n", *p);

In other words, environ[0] is pointer to first env variable, environ[1] to second etc. Last element in environ array is NULL.

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And there's no guarantee that the list of variables is any particular order, and in some (unusual) circumstances, there might be two entries for a single variable. It used to be the case that the environment was also passed into POSIX-ish programs if you used int main(int argc, char **argv, char **envp) for the main function declaration. However, neither the 2003 nor the 2008 standard mentions this possibility, so I guess it is not guaranteed. MacOS X still supports it, and so probably do most variations of Unix (it was documented for 7th Edition Unix in 1979). –  Jonathan Leffler Jun 27 '10 at 15:25
Conventionally implemented by #include <unistd.h> rather than extern char **environ. The variable is exported by glibc and declared in glibc//posix/environ.c. –  Jonathan Ben-Avraham Mar 30 '13 at 19:58

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