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Any pointers to scheme/racket or clojure bayesian classification libraries? I need one for a toy/learning project that I'm going to do.

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A huge part of the value of Clojure is that it can use any Java library. So don't restrict yourself from searching in the Java only world. – Allen Jun 28 '10 at 23:07
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For clojure there is Incanter. It's more than just a bayes library. It is more akin to R. The documentation has two sections about it's bayes capabilities: 1, 2.

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Weka is kind of classic. It is a Java lib, so it can be accessed from Clojure

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If you use Clojure, you have full access to Java libraries. Classifier4J seems to be a good fit, although development stopped several years ago. You should be able to find several more if you dig through Sourceforge (not sure what your specific requirements are).

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