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Is it possible to read bytes directly from modem or phone line without losing any info? If use SerialPort after ringing nothing happened on ReceiveData event.

I want to read caller id info directly from line. My modem doesn't support Caller Id.

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The correct way to detect the caller ID is to use the TAPI API.

You can find a C# TAPI library (called ITAPI3) here. http://www.julmar.com/tapi/

Check the April 04, 2006 blog entry for some notes on building programs linked against it on 64-bit Windows.

And here's sample code:

TTAPI tapi = new TTAPI();

tapi.TE_CALLINFOCHANGE += (sender, e) =>


// ...
// Keep the TAPI object in memory so it can listen for events
// ...

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