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I'm trying to make my main window to receive notifications when user presses a Delete key on a listbox's item. I've tried this:

         if( lParam == (LPARAM)hwndListBox )
            sprintf( debug, "0x%x", LOWORD(wParam) ); 
            MessageBoxA(0, debug, 0, 0);

..and I got all keystrokes except the Delete (and End, Home, Inert, PageUp, PageDown, arrows etc). Though I got Numpad's Delete keystroke.

Is there a way to do this?

Thank you.

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Those keys don't produce a WM_CHAR message. You'll need WM_VKEYTOITEM to see them.

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Thanks, that worked. Also, for those who'll find this question: listbox will need a LBS_WANTKEYBOARDINPUT style to produce WM_CKEYTOITEM. – GeorgeK Jun 28 '10 at 7:28

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