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For some reason, the following bit of code isn't behaving as I would anticipate -- likely due to a misunderstanding on my end as to how it should behave.

var contentPane = widget.children("div.content").first();

var success = function (content) {
    return function (data, successCode, httpRequest) {
        content.innerHTML = data;

I've attached my debugger (well, Firebug anyway) and it looks like 'content' on the line content.innerHTML = data; is the Window object, when I should be the result of var contentPane = widget.children("div.content").first();, correct?

Note that if I set a breakpoint before the function, contentPane is indeed set to what I would expect (a jQuery object matching div.content). Whats going on here, what am I missing?

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This is what they added $.proxy() for in 1.4 :), like this:

var contentPane = widget.children("div.content").first();

var success = $.proxy(function (data, successCode, httpRequest) {
                       this.innerHTML = data;
              }, contentPane);

This just makes the closure declaration for the common case like you have much shorter, $.proxy(function, whatThisIs).

For the "what's wrong?" part...nothing, are you sure you're checking the right variable? this refers to window inside your function, but content is the jQuery object you can see a quick test here:

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@downvoter - it helps to say what is incorrect, so it actually helps someone. – Nick Craver Jun 27 '10 at 20:03

The problem may likely be your selector. The following works fine when run on this page

var contentPane = $("#header")[0];

var success = (function (content) {;
    return function (data, successCode, httpRequest) {
        content.innerHTML = data;


* I've added parenthesis around the function definition for added clarity.

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So what's the downvote for? – Justin Johnson Jun 28 '10 at 5:29

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