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I really don't want something sophisticated, in fact I want the simplest animation for learning purpose:

I just want to move a shape on a straight line.

Is it possible to do so in pure actionscript (with flex sdk only) by creating a timeline programmatically or without creating timeline ?

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If you are using Flash Builder (or Flex Builder) you can accomplish this by creating an ActionScript project. I am a bit unclear when you say you want to use the Flex SDK but in pure ActionScript since Flex is a framework for ActionScript. So if you are talking about mx Effects and Spark Effects please let us know.

The following is for a pure ActionScript 3.0 project.

Ok so you will need a class that extends MovieClip say SimpleFlash. You can extend Sprite instead if you do not need to use a timeline.

import flash.display.MovieClip;

public class SimpleFlash extends MovieClip {
    public function SimpleFlash() {


We will need a simple shape to be placed in our SimpleFlash constructor,

var simpleShape:Shape = new Shape();
  , 0, 100, 100);
                        simpleShape.x = 0;

And we will have to add an event listener to the shape so that when we enter the first frame, we can execute some animation.


Do not forget to add it to the display list


In our simpleAnimation function (called two lines up) we want to move the shape in a straight line along the x axis.

public function simpleAnimation(event:Event):void {
   += 1;

The shape after will move 1 unit to the right every time the Event of ENTER_FRAME is fired. There you go a simple animation without the timeline.

What you can learn from this ?

  • Change 1 to another number see what happens. Does the shape move faster or slower ?
  • Change to which way does it go ?
  • Can you make it go diagonally ? How ?
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Hi tahnk you very much that's exactly what I wanted: the event listener stuff was a missing piece for me. When I say flex in pure actionscript, I mean without xml flex language stuff. – user310291 Jul 2 '10 at 18:36

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