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I am trying to write a small, simple module for phpBMS.

I am basically modifying and simplifying one that exists, and have gotten to the stage of creating the table and pages in phpBMS itself and making the module installable.

I am now trying to create the php page that will allow for new records to be inserted into the table via phpBMS, and I get the following error:

Fatal error: Class 'guests' not found in xxx_addedit.php on line 45

The file is actually comments until line 40, so I have posted the first 9 lines, and line 45 corresponds to the 5th line

$thetable = new xxx($db, "tbld:4e28e4bd-d4b0-1a2b-4d87-a4ddf8a54a86");
$therecord = $thetable->processAddEditPage();
    $statusmessage = $therecord["phpbmsStatus"];

The original file I am modifying is viewable online in the source here, as well as the include files referenced.

It was my understanding that I should be able to make a new instance of the table class called whichever I like, so I am not exactly why it seems I have to define a class for each table?

Any advice here would be greatly appreciated.

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Nevermind, I solved it by modifying the include file where classes are defined.

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