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I have an architectural question about using apache solr/lucene.

I'm building a solr index for searching a CV database. Basically every cv on there will have some fields like:

rate of pay, address, title

these fields are straight forward. The area I need advise on is, skills and job history. For skills, someone might add an entry like: C# - 5 Years, Java - 9 Years

So there's essentially N number of skills, each with a string name and a int no of years. I was thinking I could use a dynamic field, *_skill, and possibly add them like so:

1_skill: C#, 2_skill: Java

But how can I index the years experience? would I then add a dynamic field like:

1_skill_years: 5, 2_skill_years: 9

Has anyone done similar things before? Any help greatly appreciated?


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Multi-valued fields maintain ordering so you could have a multi-valued field for skills and another one for years of experience. When you read them back, just associate them by their order.

Pay attention if you have a null or empty value. You will have to encode it using a special marker because en empty string or a null value will not be indexed and this will change the ordering.

Unfortunately, it is not possible in Solr to sort by a multi-valued field. See this link for explanations:

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how would i sort a query based on the value in another field. i.e. java 5 years experience if skill: java (index 2) skill_years: 5 (index 2) is it possible for me to sort, facet on these values when they're stored like this? – mickdelaney Jun 28 '10 at 16:42
No, Solr can't sort on multi-valued field. – Pascal Dimassimo Jun 28 '10 at 19:13

Instead of a dynamic field, you could use multi-valued fields. You do know that the multiple values can exist for the same field. Hence something like

<Skill> Java
<Skill> Solr


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yes i'm familiar with MVF's and it would be perfect if it was just the name of the skill, but the issue is how do i then include the number of years experience. i.e. if i'm going to search for Java with 5 Years experience it needs to be captured in 2 different fields. ultimately I'd like to be able to facet and sort on the number of years someone has a skill also. – mickdelaney Jun 28 '10 at 8:45
@mickdelaney, did you get any solution for your skill with year problem? – Utkarsh Panwar Dec 7 '11 at 12:34

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