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In bouncycastle I can create a DEROctetString starting from a KeyUsage.

How can I obtain KeyUsage starting from a DEROctetString then?


DEROctetString derString = new DEROctetString(new KeyUsage(KeyUsage.digitalSignature));
KeyUsage ku = ...(some code to get back KeyUsage starting from derString)...

I need this because I'm able to create Certificate Requests with KeyUsage extension request, but then, given the Certificate Request alone, I'm not able to get back the KeyUsage extension.

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I've found the solution using ASN1InputStream:

ASN1InputStream ais = new ASN1InputStream(derOctetString.getOctetStream());
KeyUsage ku = new KeyUsage((DERBitString) ais.readObject());

That works!

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I guess you meant "That compiles!". Encoding Bit String as Octet String is not going to work. As soon as you have more than one usage, you will see the problem. –  ZZ Coder Jun 28 '10 at 11:05
No, it does compile and it works too (I mean that I get back the right KeyUsage.intValue()). –  Andrea Zilio Jun 28 '10 at 12:05

KeyUsage is defined as this in X.509,

 id-ce-keyUsage OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::=  { id-ce 15 }

 KeyUsage ::= BIT STRING {
      digitalSignature        (0),
      nonRepudiation          (1),
      keyEncipherment         (2),
      dataEncipherment        (3),
      keyAgreement            (4),
      keyCertSign             (5),
      cRLSign                 (6),
      encipherOnly            (7),
      decipherOnly            (8) }

So it's wrong to create Octet String for it. If you create DERBitString, KeyUsage has a constructor for it.

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I understand your point, but I have to create an OctetString because I need to pass it to the second parameter of the X509Extension constructor and then I need to get back the KeyUsage from that. Anyway I've found the solution, check my answer ;) –  Andrea Zilio Jun 28 '10 at 8:55

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