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I have been working on a project in Visual Studio 2008 Professional, and I recently tried to open it up on a computer with Visual Studio 2008 Express and four of the six projects were unavailable as Visual Studio puts it. I don't understand why, I am not using openMP or plugins. Just my code, some XNA, and a couple of libraries like EasyStorage.

Am I stuck? I thought there would be an automatic conversion. I also couldn't ever get others to help me on my projects if it requires them to buy Visual Studio 2008 or Visual Studio 2010 Professional...

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Where did the missing projects live on your computer? Look in your solution file, and make sure you don't have an odd project reference to a location (directory, mapped share) that doesn't exist or isn't accessible on your target computer. Something like:

Project("{...}") = "Proj1", "..\..\..\temp\proj1.csproj" 
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