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I am creating a composite control that has a textbox and uses a jquery plugin to add a watermark. Lets say I have a basic function that looks like this

$(function () {$('#MyTextBoxID').watermark('Enter your username');});

Can anyone suggest what I need to do to insert the above?


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You can register a startup script and using it you can do following:

 Dim cs As ClientScriptManager = Page.ClientScript
 If (Not cs.IsStartupScriptRegistered(cstype, csname1)) Then
      Dim cstext1 As String = "$(function () {$('#" & Me.ClientID & "').watermark('Enter your username');});"
      cs.RegisterStartupScript(cstype, csname1, cstext1, True)

End If

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Thanks Lakhlani I will give that a try. – Diver Dan Jun 28 '10 at 6:47

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