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Based on Qt 4.5.1 I placed QWidget, created with QWebPluginFactory, into HTML page.

... ...

TestObject works just fine, also JS communication with it. But i found two problems:

  1. I cant draw no HTML elements above QWidget(positioning absolute and setting z-indexes). Is there any way how to set rendering order in WebKit? Or to make z-index work ? Changing width, height and other properties works just fine.
  2. When i hide parent div for testObj (display:none) and show it again(display:block), WebPluginFactory is called again and original object is destroyed. (Currently my workaround is to resize TestObj to 1 * 1 pixels, so user doesnot sees it).

Does anybody knows how this works exactly? Is something of this fixed in 4.6 ?


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I was having similar issues with 4.7 release. It looks like it is still not fixed just yet: check here

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