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I have a Login control placed inside LoginView control contained within a PANEL. I want to set login button as the default button for this panel. It is not possible in design view to set the default button. So i am trying to set it using code.

Below is the code:

protected void SetDefaultButtonForLoginControl()
    Login loginCtrl =  (Login)LoginView1.FindControl("Login1");
    Panel panel1 = (Panel)LoginView1.FindControl("Panel1");

    if (loginCtrl != null)
        Button btn = (Button)loginCtrl.FindControl("btnLogin");
        if (btn != null)
            panel1.DefaultButton = btn.ClientID;

I am getting both the controls i.e. Panel and Button but the code generates the following error message -

The DefaultButton of 'Panel1' must be the ID of a control of type IButtonControl.

I have also tried using UniqueID instead of ClientID but still the same problem.

Can anyone help me out, how this error can be rectified? Thanks for sharing your time.

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I know you've said that you tried ClientID and UniqueID, however I used UniqueID and it worked for me.

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