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Is there a sourcecode management system (svn, git, etc.) webclient which you can use to change the code (that can commit and push)? I am hosting my repository at sourceforge.

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in what way could changing code ruin the system? –  eis Feb 21 at 14:34
It's been a while since I posted this question but I believe I meant that it should be a proper commit + push and not just a code edit. –  HiddenKnowledge Feb 21 at 15:34
I made that part more clear in the question. –  HiddenKnowledge Feb 21 at 17:37

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Polarion web client for SVN seems to be able to it.


I didn't test it, though.

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Thanks, Vitor Py. –  HiddenKnowledge Jul 1 '10 at 18:46

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