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i am new to iphone development i have doubts in event handling ,

i wonder how to handle event for the view which having various subview ,imageview etc

bacause if i made touchbegin evnt all the touches made in that view will be refelected how can i find where the touch come from that view (for eg its from Views or imageView or scroll view)

pls help me thanks in adivance

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If touch points to a UITouch object, touch.view will give you the view in which the touch occurred. See the documentation for details.

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Thanks u Ole Begemann but is there any best technique to handel this kind of things – Naresh Jun 29 '10 at 10:15

If you define a view in the Interface Builder and enable the "User Interaction Enabled" option in the View Attributes tab, that view will be able to receive those touchesBegan / touchesMoved / touchesEnded events.

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