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i'm using the code from here: http://phlymail.com/en/downloads/idna/download/ and built a function like this (from the example):

function convert_to_punycode($inputstring)
    $IDN = new idna_convert();
    // The input string, if input is not UTF-8 or UCS-4, it must be converted before
    $inputstringutf8 = utf8_encode($inputstring);
    // Encode it to its punycode presentation
    $outputstringpunycode = $IDN->encode($inputstringutf8);
    return $outputstringpunycode;

However it doesnt work properly.

For the input: Россию
It gives: РоÑÑиÑ
Whereas it should give: xn--h1alffa3f

What am I doing wrong? $inputstring which is being passed is a normal string with no special declarations/etc...

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Is your string already UTF-8? Looks like it. Or is it in ISO-8859-5? In both cases you cannot use the PHP function utf8_encode(), since it expects your input string to be ISO-88591-1 (ISO Latin-1, Western European languages). Look into the file transcode_wrapper.php, which is delivered with the class source. This might help you.

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Hi! Thank you! That did seem to be the case and it solved the problem! Muchos gracias! –  Dave Jun 28 '10 at 16:41

you might need PHP IDNA Extension

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