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I have already asked in their forums ([1], [2]) but I don't seem to get an answer there.

It seems that the official Lastfm SVN (svn://svn.audioscrobbler.net/clientside/Last.fm) is not updated anymore since a long time (last version-tag is - last commit from 2007).

Where is the current code of the 1.* branch? Moved to Git or so? I have seen some Github accounts of the main developers which have some Lastfm repositories which seem to contain some pre-alpha Last.fm 2.0 code. (Read here or here about it.) Though, as this is very pre-alpha (i.e. not so much useable from the reports), I am more interested in the latest 1.* code.

I would also happy with just the latest source tarball release but I cannot find a page which lists all available source tarballs. In particular, I am interested in the source for the latest Mac build (that is version I don't expect to find the source of that exact version (because they always have released source tarballs of slightly different versions also in the past) but it would be nice to get some code version like this.

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Here it says that the latest source is available at


This is also the version my official Windows client reports.

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I got at least something on the forum:

Debian seems to have it from somewhere, check here: http://packages.debian.org/source/squeeze/lastfm

*.orig.tar.gz is supposed to be the orginal (upstream) source, but I have never figured out whether Debian documents where it got that source from. Just download it from Debian. :)

Archlinux has excellent documentation on this Debian package, explaining the patches and e.g. what is required for building it on older distributions (e.g. with Qt 4.2): http://www.mehercule.net/staticpages/index.php/lastfm

Hope this helps, waltgibson

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