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I am having a small issue in setting up speed tracer with ubuntu. any help (document/hints...) will be appreciated.

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There's a handy tutorial the Google Developers put up at:


And some examples on how to use it at :


But you're probably best off starting at :


to get your head around the concepts and features involved.

Good luck!

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thanks Mark, those links are really useful. by the way, I installed the plugin, but to make it work on windows you have to add few lines at the end of chrome.exe. I am wondering how to set it up in ubuntu. thanks again –  P.M Jun 28 '10 at 13:28

Put chrome on the upper, gray panel.
Right click the chrome icon and choose Properties.
Now append "--enable-extension-timeline-api" to the text in the Command field.

In my case the Command field contains:
/opt/google/chrome/google-chrome %U --enable-extension-timeline-api

Click Close. Restart chrome.

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