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I am trying to display cgm file in my web application. I have the "activeCGM browser" ActiveX which enables to watch cgm files in IE. I added in my html the object tag as follows:

<object data="myFile.cgm" type="image/cgm?Version=4;ProfileId=WebCGM" width="100%" height="100%" style="border:solid 1px red;"></object>

The file is not corrupted because it was opened with no problems in my IE. Also I know that I can view cgm files in my IE8. When I load my aspx page the activeCGM is loaded and the object gets the file's dimensions (I see the red border). I have the right click options of the activeCGM (disabled), the only problem is that the file is not displayed. I tried changing the type attribute, added the mime type into my IIS but still can't see my cgm file.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you

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