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I've got a repository which contains most of my application settings. I'd like to add .git/config from a different repo and replace it with a symlink in the original repo, but Git complains:

error: Invalid path '[...]/.git/config'
error: unable to add [...]/.git/config to index
fatal: adding files failed

Note: I'm not trying to add this to the root directory of the settings repo, but in a subdirectory.

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A symbolic link won't work here. You can set the GIT_CONFIG environment variable to point to your config file instead.

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Just put those settings in your global .gitconfig so it will apply to all repositories on your system – and remove them from the local .git/config so they won’t override your changes in .gitconfig as your preferences change and you update that.

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There's also a system-wide config in $(prefix)/etc/gitconfig. – Jefromi Jun 28 '10 at 14:41
The settings I'm most interested in backing up are the remotes and branches - I don't want those in my global configuration. – l0b0 Jun 28 '10 at 14:42

Why not just use git submodule? It does sounds like its what you're looking for: a project that contains other projects.

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