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In T-SQL, SPACE() function is used to add spaces to a string. For e.g.

@s = 'He' + space(5) + 'llo'


He     llo

So is there any function in PL/SQL that is equivalent to SPACE()?

Thank you.

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You can use RPAD or LPAD functions

select 'He'  || rpad(' ',5,' ') || 'llo'
from dual;

or in PL/SQL it would be:

  x varchar2(20);
  x:= 'He'  || rpad(' ',5,' ') || 'llo';
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Jeffrey using rpad(' ',n,' ') gives n+1 spaces

select RPAD('A',3,'-')||RPAD(' ',4,' ')||RPAD('B',5,'-') from dual


A--    B----

After A-- and before B, you will find 5 spaces instead of 4.

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In Oracle, you can emulate the space() function with:

rpad(' ',n,' ')

Where n is one less than the total length of the string of spaces you want.

E.g. for a string of 40 spaces:

select rpad(' ',39,' ') as "40 spaces" from dual

dual is a dummy table you can use to test calculations and string manipulations without extracting from a real life table.

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try again... select length(rpad(' ',39,' ')) from dual; returns 39, not 40. – Jeffrey Kemp Jan 18 '12 at 4:59

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