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in a struts application, I have a filter that forces certain pages to be accessed only over https via redirection. I'm thinking in porting it to lift so my question is: In the this environment, is there a "lift" way to implement such filter or is it similar/the same as in struts ? Thanks

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In Lift, the SiteMap defines the rules for page access. You can create a SiteMap entry that does a Redirect to the https site on certain pages:

// create an object that does a redirect to the https server if the
// request is on http
object RequireSSL extends Loc.EarlyResponse(
  () => {
    for {
      r <- S.request
      lowLevelReq <- Box !! r if lowLevelReq.scheme == "http"
    } {

// Build SiteMap
def entries = (Menu("Home") / "index") ::
(Menu("Secure") / "secure" >> RequireSSL) ::

Hope this helps.

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