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I am developing part of an Android application that needs to use a WebView to open a password protected site. I am using SharedPreferences to provide the username and password from when the user logs in the app for the first time. I've tested the credentials it's returning, so I know that those are correct. When I run this in the emulator, the site says that I'm unauthorized (even though I am). Here's the code:

  WebView browser = (WebView) findViewById(R.id.browser);
  SharedPreferences credentials = getSharedPreferences("credentials", 0);
  browser.setHttpAuthUsernamePassword("example.com", "", credentials.getString("username", ""), credentials.getString("password", ""));

So does anyone know why this wouldn't be authenticating me? Should the realm string that I put "" for actually be something?

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BTW, ended up using the full browser to access the site. –  oliverwhite Aug 13 '10 at 5:58
Check out question 2585055. Try setting up a WebViewClient... –  bytebender May 22 '11 at 20:25

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if the site is using NTLM auth it won't work. Android does not natively support NTLM Auth. Fennec (firefox mobile) is the only android browser i've seen that supports it, but its still in alpha.

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no, it's not using NTLM auth. still trying to figure this one out. thanks though. –  oliverwhite Jun 29 '10 at 21:24
Android ICS version and up supports NTLM auth. –  hopia Jul 24 '13 at 22:39
... 2 years later :S –  Ben Jul 25 '13 at 5:52

Android claims to support NTLM now. I don't know if that is part of the WebView or just the browser.


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