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I got my Xampp server running and can run my html in subdirectories now, as well (can't have spaces in the subdirectory names).

SSI Includes or PHP Includes:

Xampp says SSI is deactivated. Tried uncommenting the lines for includes, but it doesn't change the deactivation.

How do I activate SSI?

Then, how do I implement either SSI include statements or PHP include statements into my html to call up html files that include html, images, javascript and commands that call other javascript menu files?

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I don't know if Xampp has a special way of activating SSI or not, but the normal Apache way should work.

The normal way to include files in SSI is

<!--#include virtual="/something/file.html" -->

where the url to the file is actually .

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PHP includes are pretty straightforward. Just name your file something.php and do this:

<?php include('path/to/file.php'); ?>

The file will be parsed by php so it can contain the standard mix of PHP/HTML tags or whatever other text you'd like.

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If XAMPP says SSI are disabled by default, you need to edit your server configuration (not your .HTACCESS file) to change this. Otherwise, you could try installing a plugin for your server to fix the issue.

Hope this helps!

~ Nate.

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