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Within Properties/Settings/Tool Settings, one can specify a Library search path (-L).

For a specific build configuration one can enter

${workspace_loc:/SomeLib/Debug} or ${workspace_loc:/SomeLib/Release}

depending on the configuration.

Is there a variable, like ${workspace_loc} that can be used specify a 'universal' search path. This path would then be correct regardless of the configuration.

Such as:


BTW, Is the Eclipse documentation showing a list of all the workspace/project variables?

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One thing you can do is create you own string substitution. "You can create and configure simple launch variables which you can reference in launch configurations that support variables".This is done under "Preferences">"Run/Debug">"String Substitution".

As far as list of possible variables goes, I found that if you go to "Run Configurations" and select "Arguments" tab then click on "Variables..." button - you'll get a window with all variables and their descriptions. You can even edit string substitutions from there.

Hope it helped.

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