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I'm working in a framed environment, and trying to tell if the frame on which some javascript code executes is the top frame (the one that contains the rest).

Up until now I was trying to check it with

window.parent !=null

but it always returns false, like in this simple example.


    alert(parent == null);

    <h1> OH YEAH!</h1>

Is there a way to do this? Doesnt have to be portable, right now i'm looking for the IE6 solution.

Thanks in advance.

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I found this pdf to be very useful:

In short, if this is too long to read, this is what they ultimately propose :

  html { display :none; }
if(self==top){ = 'block';

You will find many other means to do this in this pdf and each means' pro and cons. Obviously, on browsers without JavaScript, this solution could be painful ;)

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self === top

should return true if executed in the topmost frameset, false otherwise.

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You can check if top.frames.length == 0.

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