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I was given a directory of files that were under CVS control. However, how can I identify which of the dirs is the centralized repo for CVS (and not a checked out version on a local directory).

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The centralised CVS repository will have a directory CVSROOT containing repository configuration and other subdirectories in the repository structure. All of the checked-in files will have a ,v suffix (RCS-style) on their extension. Deleted files will be in subdirectories attic.

Checked out versions have a CVS subdirectory in every folder. There'll be files in containing the checkout source (root or repository - I forget) and current tag / branch if appropriate (tag - first letter N for tag or B for branch I think).

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See this.

The CVS repository will contain the RCS files (generally ending in ,v).

I'd seriously consider migrating the repository to something other than CVS (Git, Hg, even SVN).

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If you still have the CVS directories from a checked out area, you can look in CVS/Root to get the location of the CVS repository and in CVS/Repository files path for that directory relative to the root.

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