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In Windows Mobile, if I do a call to Show rather than ShowDialog I will get a modeless dialog box.

If that modeless dialog fills the whole screen, is there a way to switch out to a different screen? (Kind of like Alt + Tab in windows).

I need to make sure that the modeless screen is locked in place till the OK in the upper right corner is pressed or a menu item that I have made. (To see why I need to do this see this question and this answer.)

Does any one know a way to switch modeless screens with out closing the screen (so I can stop it)? (Once it closes I can take care of it.)

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They can use the hardware buttons (quick launch, voice recorder, etc) buttons to change apps, which would bring another Form forward, but they can do that even with a modal dialog up.

"Switching" screens should be as simple as calling Show on the one you want brought to the fore.

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Sounds good. I just wanted to make sure that there was not some way to move between open modeless dialogs in an app. – Vaccano Jul 1 '10 at 15:29

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