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I don't know svn terribly well and not sure how to do the following. I want to change a single line of the svn:externals property. On dir, svn:externals has several directories set up

>svn propget svn:externals dir
a svn://externalproject/a
b svn://externalproject/b
c svn://externalproject/c
d svn://externalproject/d

And I would like to change, say, b svn://externalproject/b to b/b1 svn://externalproject/b1

that is to say, remove off the externals and replace it with a different one. How do I do that? I'm using svn on the command line, version 1.6.9.

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Instead of propset, try propedit. It's typically the easier way to modify existing properties.

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Perfect, thanks. – pythonic metaphor Jun 28 '10 at 21:28

Use svn propedit to edit the properties w/your configured editor. See

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