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I got this list looking something like this

words = ['how', 'much', 'is[br]', 'the', 'fish[br]', 'no', 'really']

What I would like is to replace the [br] with some fantastic value similar to <br /> and thus getting a new list looking like this

words = ['how', 'much', 'is<br />', 'the', 'fish<br />', 'no', 'really']

I've laborated a lot by now so a little help would be appreciated!


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words = [w.replace('[br]', '<br />') for w in words]

called List Comprehensions

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Performing a comparison between this list comprehension method and the map method (posted by @Anthony Kong), this list method was roughly 2x faster. Also it allowed for inserting multiple replacements into the same call, e.g. resname = [name.replace('DA', 'ADE').replace('DC', 'CYT').replace('DG', 'GUA').replace('DT', 'THY') for name in ncp.resname()] –  stvn66 Apr 20 at 18:50

You can use, for example:

words = [word.replace('[br]','<br />') for word in words]
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Beside list comprehension, you can try map

>>> map(lambda x: str.replace(x, "[br]", "<br/>"), words)
['how', 'much', 'is<br/>', 'the', 'fish<br/>', 'no', 'really']
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