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I built a (very simple) library, which I can call just fine from another C++ program.

But it won't work when I try to get Ruby FFI to link it. It gives FFI::NotFoundError, says it can't find the function exported in the DLL.

Where might things have gone wrong? Do I need special treatment when I compile my DLL using g++? I am just building it with g++ -shared -o lib.dll libsrc.cpp.

I am pretty new to Ruby, but sample code for FFI is very straightforward, and I also have code which does some pretty complex things from the user32 DLL thru FFI. So I know it works.

One more thing I can think of trying is compiling my code using visual studio in hopes of making a more "compatible" DLL, but I want to stick to GCC.

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http://github.com/remogatto/ffi-inliner might help.

Note that you need to make sure that you call your methods as stdcall if they are defined that way.


You could also post your problem to the ruby ffi google group.

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I can't get it working. Will just make a regular Ruby extension. Thanks. –  Steven Lu Jul 4 '10 at 16:20
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