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I'm adding strings to a NSComboBox using -addItemObjectWithValue, and the items are appearing when the application is run.

However, right after adding the items, if I check the -numberOfItems, I get 1, even though there are more than that. From there, any data I try I pull back out is wrong.

I'm adding the items as part of -awakeFromNib.

I'm pretty sure it's wired correctly (the controller is a NSWindowController, I don't think this matters though?), and it's not set to use a DataSource, or AutoComplete, or anything funky.

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Have you checked the debug log for messages appearing when you add your items? – JWWalker Jun 29 '10 at 0:21
Yup, nothing there except what I'm NSLogging, which is -numberOfItems returning 1. – mattdwen Jun 29 '10 at 0:26
I've also since tried it with a DataSource, which is adding the items, but I still get the wrong data when checking -numberOfItems. – mattdwen Jun 29 '10 at 0:33
It's also firing -comboBoxSelectionDidChange correctly, though -numberOfItems and -objectValueOfSelectedItem are both wrong still. – mattdwen Jun 29 '10 at 0:45
It works without problem on my Mac (10.6.4, Xcode 3.2.3). You need to post more code. – Yuji Jun 30 '10 at 4:36

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