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I have a root path in my routes file: map.root :controller => 'games', :action => 'index'

The problem is that if anyone goes to: http://domain.com/games it doesn't show the root, thus we're creating two urls for the same page.

Is there a way to change any hit to http://domain.com/games to http://domain.com ?

I'd rather not fiddle around with a before_filter in the application controller if there's a nice way to do it in the routes folder.


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The easiest way is to just set up a redirect.


Although, your problem is really that the /games route shouldn't be there in in the first place.

Remove the catchall route at the bottom of your routes.rb file, and this won't even be a problem.

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What Jamie suggested about removing the route from routes.rb. Then just avoid having any of your code link to the /games route, you can use the root_path helper method. –  Karl Jun 30 '10 at 0:57
Hi guys, so I have: map.resources :games map.root, :controller => 'games', :action => 'index The thing is, I need show, create, new, destroy for games, but the index should always be the root path. I tried the redirect, but I get this error: No route matches "/" Is there a way to map.resources :games, but not the index? –  kineticac Jul 4 '10 at 2:58
Also, my reason for needing this isn't because I'm linking to it per say, but I have a permanent redirect from a different domain that when redirecting, passes in the URL as domain.com/games instead of the root. if ENV["RAILS_ENV"] != 'development' && request.env['HTTP_HOST'] != CURRENT_DOMAIN request.parameters[:host] = CURRENT_DOMAIN perm_redirect_to url_for(request.parameters) end –  kineticac Jul 4 '10 at 3:02

I had the same issue with sessions. I wanted to expose /sessions for login and logout, but since an invalid password leaves you at /sessions, I wanted a graceful way to deal with a user re-submitting that URL as a GET (e.g. by typing Ctrl-L, ). This works for me on Rails 3:

resources :sessions, :only => [:new, :create, :destroy]
match '/sessions' => redirect('/login')
match '/login', :to => 'sessions#new'

I think your code would look something like this:

resources :games, :only => [:new, :edit, :create, :destroy]
match '/games' => redirect('/')
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As of the current version of Rails (3.2.9), this is how I achieved the same result:

MyApp::Application.routes.draw do
  # ...
  # declare the redirect first so it isn't caught by the default
  # resource routing
  match '/games' => redirect('/')
  # ...
  resources :games
  # ...
  root :to => 'games#index'
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