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So I want to access the child element in a structure that looks like this:

<asdf:foobar attr="value">

I forget what the asdf is called, but it is what's causing the problem. My normal method of traversing in XLinq doesn't work:

xElem child = xDoc.Element("foobar");

Sets child to null because it claims there is no element foobar, and

xElem child = xDoc.Element("asdf:foobar");

Doesn't work because the compiler whines about the semicolon.

All help is appreciated, and thanks in advance!


I've been working on a reproduction of this as an example (since I can't show you the actual code). My test code:

        Console.WriteLine("BEGIN TEST");

        const string MY_SCHEMA = "";

        XElement xTest =
        new XElement("{" + MY_SCHEMA + "}base",
            new XAttribute("{" + XML_STANDARD + "}boofar", MY_SCHEMA),
            new XAttribute("attr1", "val"),
            new XElement("{" + MY_SCHEMA + "}asdf", "ghjkl")

        result.Text = xTest.ToString();

        XElement xOps2 = xTest.Element(XName.Get("asdf", MY_SCHEMA));
        XElement xSubOps2;

        if (xOps2 == null)
            xSubOps2 = xOps2.Element(XName.Get("asdf", MY_SCHEMA));

        Console.WriteLine("END TEST");

        MessageBox.Show("END TEST");

This displays the XML that I want:

<boofar:base xmlns:boofar="" attr1="val">

And everything is working great. Thanks all!

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Unfortunately the implicit conversion from string to XName does not parse out the namespace. You need to do this:

XName.Get("foobar", "asdf");
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XName.Get("foobar", "asdf").ToString() returns {asdf}foobar, which seems like what I want but is not working out right now. I'll double-check my code for subtle errors and report back. – adam_0 Jun 29 '10 at 0:10
The "asdf" bit is called a namespace. Somewhere above that element in the tree there will be an attribute like xmlns:asdf="". It's actually the ""; that you need to pass as the second parameter to XName.Get - "asdf" is just an alias, ""; is the actual namespace. – Dean Harding Jun 29 '10 at 0:23
So the result should be a string like {}foobar? – adam_0 Jun 29 '10 at 0:31
Something that I just noticed is that the xmlns:asdf=" part is on the same line as the <asdf:foobar> line... might that affect the result? – adam_0 Jun 29 '10 at 0:36
No, xmlns:...="..." applies to this element and any under it. – Porges Jun 29 '10 at 4:25

Another way you can handle namespaces is by using the XNamespace class.

  XNamespace ns = "";
  XElement child = new XElement(ns + "base");
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