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I've just taken over maintenance of some pretty scary legacy vba at work. When I have spare time I'm essentially restructuring and rewriting it in new templates. Every now and then, I've managed to exploit a glitch of sorts and have two different instances of the VBE open at once. I don't know exactly what I did to make this happen, but it makes my life much easier, so I'm wondering if anyone else knows. I assume it's something to do with running Word as a new instance, but I can't change my file type settings on my work PC.

Edit: I usually copy and paste into Excel and do it this way, but this is not ideal because I also use a lot of Excel macros for other parts of my job

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Try opening Word through code:

Dim ws As Object

Set ws = CreateObject("word.application")
ws.Visible = True

You should get a second instance.

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