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assuming I have a code that looks like this:

List<User> userList = GetUserByName (u => u.Name == name);
DoSomethingWithTheUsers (userList.ToArray ());

Now I want to know the type of the objects in the Array in the method DoSomethingWithTheUsers (object[] myObjects)

Simply done by myObjects.First ().GetType () but what is to be done if the array is empty? Is there a possibility to still get the Type?

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The array type will be an array of User, i.e. User[]. Why not just use Type.GetElementType() on the GetType() of the array? I.e. using your example:

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ah thats what I was looking for, thanks – Bluenuance Nov 24 '08 at 10:04

Thats what I would expect but I what I want is: User I need to save the FullName of the type for later, and I wondered if there is a better way, then removing the [] by string replace (or something like that)

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I updated my answer to be more detailed. – Barry Kelly Nov 24 '08 at 10:00

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