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Using the repo found here:


and this commit:


I get this screen when viewing the package's "EXAMPLE.html" file:

alt text

Basically all of the text showing how many tests were run and the describe/it clauses, and the test results are missing.

The same revision works fine on Safari and Firefox.

I found this report that seems related, but no follow-up:


Any ideas?

Edit: I found that upgrading jquery from version 1.2.6 (included with package) to 1.4.2 results in a screen in which green/red tests show up. Unfortunately, the top header showing the number of total tests and failing tests does not show up.

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For those who may be hitting the same problem, I've found that the Pivotal branch of Screw.Unit seems to give exactly the same output for EXAMPLE.html in both IE7 and FF. There are others to choose from as well.

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Save yourself the trouble and use Jasmine. It runs on all browsers, offers custom matchers, works on all browsers, is offered by Pivotal Labs, and is wicked fast. Syntax is very close to Screw.Unit, so porting is not conceptually difficult.

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