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Are there Windows API functions that allows reading what the current password policy is? For instance, minimum length, complexity etc.

If not reading, is there a way to verify a password against the policy programmatically?

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See Security Watch Windows Domain Password Policies. You can hit AD using ADSI or its wrappers. I found a VBScript sample. You can translate it to any language you want:

Sub ListPasswordPolicyInfo( strDomain )
	Dim objComputer
	Set objComputer = GetObject("WinNT://" & strDomain )
	WScript.Echo "MinPasswordAge: " &  ((objComputer.MinPasswordAge) / 86400)
	WScript.Echo "MinPasswordLength: " &  objComputer.MinPasswordLength
	WScript.Echo "PasswordHistoryLength: " &  objComputer.PasswordHistoryLength
	WScript.Echo "AutoUnlockInterval: " &  objComputer.AutoUnlockInterval
	WScript.Echo "LockOutObservationInterval: " &  objComputer.LockOutObservationInterval
End Sub

Dim strDomain
	strDomain = inputbox( "Please enter a domainname", "Input" )
Loop until strDomain <> ""

ListPasswordPolicyInfo( strDomain )

As a bonus, check out LDAP Admin. It's an open source LDAP directory editor, which you can use to test things, and also checkout the code written in Delphi.

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Eugene's answer is helpful, but not quite what I needed. The password complexity filter can actually be customized, and what would be good would be a way of asking Windows, does this password meet the requirements?

It took me a while to locate it, but the function is NetValidatePasswordPolicy. The MSDN docs for this function are awful; check out this MSDN blog entry instead.

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