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I'm aware of Selenium which is a very good open source automated website testing tool.

Is there any equivalent open source tool to provide functional testing for Win32 GUI Delphi Applications?

After a quick Google I've found this one : EFT

So my question is what is your favourite functional testing tool and why?

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Just found which allows us to test GUI directly using screen analysis and python scripting: really easy to use.

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You could try Fit. There is a Delphi implementation here.

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I just released an open source Ruby library, Win32-autogui, for automating GUI testing in Windows. The source repository contains specs and an example Win32 program with source and specs written in Delphi. This library facilitates integration testing of Windows binaries using Ruby based tools like RSpec and Cucumber regardless of the language used to create the binaries.

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I use DUnit for testing the internals of Delphi code. Like other xUnit tools, it is good for testing libraries and routines, but has no web functionality or GUI test support.

You don't say what you mean by "functional testing".

It looks from the question as if you are testing Desktop not web applications. With appropriate program design and reasonable amount of custom code, you could get DUNit to cover most of the code with tests - this will be easier with desktop app than with a web application, since you can use Delphi code to create a form and click buttons upon it.

Just remember that putting all the code in the form's button click event is not a good way to organise code. It does not separate concerns and it is harder to test.

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Yep - DUnit can be used for functional testing as well. – Chris Thornton Jan 13 '11 at 16:47

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