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How can i write a global method that can be called anywhere in my iPhone App Can any one Help Please....

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You can write global functions (not part of a class) wherever you like. Just add the declaration where you use it (i.e. include a header file).

For example:

File globalfunctions.h

void doCoolStuff();

File globalfunctions.c

#include "globalfunctions.h"
void doCoolStuff()


and where you use it use

#include "globalfunctions.h" // or
#import "globalfunctions.h"
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Eiko's answer works, but keep in mind that if you want this to work on an iPhone, then you must name your file globalfunctions.mm not .c (in addition to of course, the .h file) or you will have compilation errors. Just did this last night. –  casey Nov 2 '10 at 16:30
The correct file ending will only depend on what kind of language you are using. If ObjC, use '.m', if Obj-C++, use '.mm'. You will get away if '.c' if you don't use any Obj-C-ish things. –  Eiko Nov 2 '10 at 17:14
Oh yeah, true. I was using some ObjC classes and couldn't compile until I made the extension .mm. But I also learned that, again, depending on if you are using Obj-Cish things or not you may need to reference this thread to modify your .h file to link properly. I just had trouble linking mine when I did this. And this solution worked. stackoverflow.com/questions/1362695/… –  casey Nov 4 '10 at 6:10

You would normally use the Singleton Class to contain global data and methods for your iphone application. Here are 2 good references: Singleton Tutorial, Singleton Pattern

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