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Our svn-repositories usually consist out of several branches of which 1 is the 'live' version. Currently we make that one the trunk, but this has some drawbacks; everytime we migrate to a new branch, we have to rename the trunk to become a branch or delete it altogether and rename a branch to become the trunk. We would rather have no trunk at all, but then the developers have to do a new checkout (or a switch) every time we migrate. This is too error prone. I was thinking that if we would be able to make the trunk to be just a kind of symbolic link to the live branch, then we would be able to solve this problem. We would just update the symbolic link when we migrate. My questions are; is this possible and how? and is there another (maybe better) way to achieve what we want?



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You could delete the trunk folder and make it an external.

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in this case we cannot checkout the trunk itself, only the root –  Coen Jun 29 '10 at 10:16
@Coen: Then either trunk must either refer to every item in the branch individually or you learn to live with another level of indirection and trunk/current refers to the current branch with trunk otherwise being empty. –  sbi Jun 29 '10 at 10:48

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