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Hey Guys,
I am using Thickbox in one page,
now as u know, if we click out side the thickbox page [means in the black part],

so i want to remove that behavior, i want to remove that thing....means if the user had click out side of that page in dark part then the page should not be remove-disappear, it should stay in the window..

the only way to close the thickbox page by clicking on that "Close" link,

so is their any way to do this?

thanks in advance,

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just add &modal at the end of url. #TB_inline?height=300&width=400&inlineId=pleaseloginagain&modal=true –  pregmatch Jul 23 '14 at 14:45

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In the Thickbox.js go to the function tb_show

In this if statement:

    if (typeof document.body.style.maxHeight === "undefined") {//if IE 6
        $("body","html").css({height: "100%", width: "100%"});
        if (document.getElementById("TB_HideSelect") === null) {//iframe to hide select elements in ie6
            $("body").append("<iframe id='TB_HideSelect'></iframe><div id='TB_overlay'></div><div id='TB_window'></div>");
            $("#TB_overlay").click(tb_remove);  //Remove me
    }else{//all others
        if(document.getElementById("TB_overlay") === null){
            $("body").append("<div id='TB_overlay'></div><div id='TB_window'></div>");
            $("#TB_overlay").click(tb_remove); //Remove me

You need to comment out both lines that contain $("#TB_overlay").click(tb_remove);. I have added a comment of //Remove Me on the lines you should comment out.

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thank you Barry....... –  Nitz Jun 29 '10 at 9:22

I know this is an old question but i found another way to do it without changing thickbox source code, after i launch the thickbox window, i do the following:

tb_show('', 'website.php?inlineId=hiddenModalContent&amp;TB_iframe=true');

This removes the click action, so it becomes like a modal window without losing the titlebar.

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This could help you :-)

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